World Ento has merged with Aspire Food Group to bring our service and products to the next level.

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Edible insects are a part of the solution towards ending world hunger.
Feeding the Planet with Insects
Are you a chef looking for insect ingredients?
Culinary Innovation
Mealworm Flour Blueberry Macaroons
World Ento and Little Herds team up with restaurants around the U.S. to create edible insect dinner events and dishes.

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Insects are a new and unregulated food source. World Ento works to set industry standards at the highest level possible, from produce spot checking to specialized processing, for safety. Learn more.


Insects are eco-friendly and sustainable. World Ento bugs are grown as sustainably as possible and we actively fund and manage sustainability and hunger relief projects. Learn more.


We are focused on creating a thriving industry and to tailor our business practices so that we can work with as many partners as possible. We actively support edible insect startups, share resources and provide free consulting. Partner with World Ento.